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Áine Sullivan
SPEAKER: Ancestors, Spirits and Ghosts OH MY!

Áine Sullivan is a psychic medium, intuitive, energetic healer, life consultant, and High-Priestess. She relocated to the Pacific Northwest over two decades ago. She has known she was a psychic since she was twelve when she saw a ghost of a young girl and discovered not only could she see her, but she could interact with her! This was unlike her other family members, who couldn't see or hear her. Even before this encounter, Áine was aware of things around her that others weren't. She was extremely lucky; her mom said she was gifted, and both her parents encouraged her to use those gifts. Since she was always fascinated with the paranormal, magic, fairies, and anything and everything to do with the supernatural, she studied a lot on her own, later taking classes taught by amazing teachers. She also currently works as a sign language interpreter with 30 years in the field.




SPEAKER TOPIC: Ancestors, Spirits, & Ghosts OH MY!
MAIN STAGE: Friday, March 29th @ 5pm

There has recently been a rise in "supernatural activity". There is more and more proof that not only are stories real, but science and technology is finally catching up to what we Psychics/Medium's have known for quite sometime. There are masses that are experiencing things such as orbs, hearing things that aren't there, seeing shadow people, or having dreams about a family member that has passed away. As a psychic, medium, and high priestess, I have a lot of experience with this. I also get many questions like "How do you communicate with a ghost? How can you honor your ancestors? How to you protect yourself from a spirit that you don't want to deal with?" This workshop will be covering this and more!