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Carved in Stone - The History and Symbolism of Cemeteries
Class Description:
Cemeteries and grave yards are places for the deceased to rest. But they are also for the living. The history of modern cemeteries begins with the dead placed in the walls and floors of churches. Then buried in the ground surrounding the church, leading to family burial grounds, and community cemeteries. Symbols were placed on the stones to inform our illiterate ancestors about the deceased; male or female, religious or not, a member of a fraternal organization, loved or not, and even if they had a sense of humor. Sure, the rose on grandma's stone is beautiful. But it has a meaning, also. Using hundreds of photos taken by the instructor from all over the world, we explore the meaning of the many symbols and decorations found on both historic and modern grave stones. The stones speak to you but you must know the language. A lot of symbolism, some history and even a little humor.
Class Outcome:
Obtain a better understanding of the history of cemeteries and grave yards, and the meaning of the many symbols found on historic and even modern stones. Learn the historical importance of cemeteries. Also, some insight on how to design your own grave stone.

Carved in Stone - The History and Symbolism of Cemeteries
Instructor: David M. Habben
April 1st, 9:00am - 11:00am
(2 hour class)
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Class Registration: $18.00
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