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Craig L. Gilley
SPEAKER: Spirits Found at Investigations
CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Types of Spirits- Good Vs Bad

Craig has been active in the paranormal for most of his life and provides education and support to fellow investigators. He has presented a course, Paranormal Investigations 101, in Newport, Oregon at a conference. He has studied and developed a cleansing/banishing protocols, which have been 100% effective in ridding people of negative entities/spirits. Craig has over 20 years experience as a Child, Adolescent, and Family Therapist and has extensive experience in working with the juvenile offender population. He is constantly looking at a variety of research methods in the paranormal and is a fan of Hans Holzer and his research. Craig enjoys being part of a team and is always looking at new technology in the field. 








SPEAKER TOPIC: Spirits Found at Investigations 
MAIN STAGE: Sunday, March 29th @ 9am

There are about 5 common types of spirit entities found at haunted locations.  It is important to shield yourself at all times and I will present ways to assist with the earthbound spirits & demons in order to clear/banish them if needed.  I will demonstrate simple techniques and more advanced methods to assist at an investigative site.  I will provide specific descriptions of these spirit entities behaviors at a site and how to cope with their presence and how to banish "negative" of demonics.