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DaKara Kies
CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Are you Energetically Protected?  

DaKara Kies is a gifted Intuitive Master Healer & Sacred Light Alchemist that specializes in clearing core issues, ancestral energies and blocks so you can step into your true purpose, power, and passion. BE the YOU, you are meant to BE!

DaKara is a healer’s healer, assisting healers and light workers to clear the blocks to bringing their gifts to the world. Her gifts include tapping into the Hall of Records to facilitate change in many dimensions and levels, canceling and releasing vows, contracts, agreements, curses and oh so much more! DaKara channels "Sacred Language", a powerful ancient and sometimes off planet language that quickly and easily shifts your energy field, provides healing, balances and restores your Soul Cells, and opens you up to endless possibilities!

DaKara has trained for over 25 years in several healing modalities and supports her clients on multiple levels through one-on-one sessions, tele-classes, and workshops. As an author, certified master energy healer, spiritual coach and flower essence practitioner, DaKara's mission is to share Universal healing light and sound with as many people as possible. Light is an alchemical healer that supports each of us, especially in times of transition. Receive YOUR sacred transformation now!