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Darrin Scholl
SPEAKER: Pisgah, House of Mystery

Darrin is a dedicated and well versed paranormal investigator with years of experience and talent. He is a driving force of his own investigative group _DBK Investigations_ with hours of research and hands on "in-the-field" experiences. Darrin encourages active discussions with each of his valued team members and includes multiple perspectives during their investigations in order to achieve a well documented and unbiased experience. Starting his training in 1995 under the tutelage of David R. Oester and Sharon A. Gill, Darrin Scholl hit the ground running within the study of all things paranormal.






SPEAKER TOPIC: Pisgah, House of Mystery
MAIN STAGE: TSunday, March 29th @ 1pm
In the hills above Scappoose, a home for the lost souls of Portland was started in 1915 by Mother Mattie Lawrence and her husband Albert. In 1920 Albert falls dead from a sudden heart attack in downtown Portland. 1937 sees Mother Mattie get involved in a fatal car crash. Within the years of operation, the home took in over 300 injured, sick or down trodden men and women. Pisgah Home Colony put these men to work building, logging or farming around the main house. Portland City Council donated money for the cause and newspapers visited to report on the happy living conditions. The mystery is what happens after Mother Mattie’s death. The house becomes abandoned with the residents leaving everything behind. Laundry was left on the line, dinner tables were still set for evening meals and medications as well as personal belongings were left. What happened to everyone to suddenly pick up and leave but to leave everything personal behind? That is the true mystery of Pisgah Home Colony.