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David M. Habben

David Habben has had a lengthy career in emergency services.  He received a A.S. Degree in Law Enforcement and worked in that occupation in the early 1970s in the NW Indiana and Chicago area.  After moving to Oregon, he attended college and became licensed as a Paramedic.  He has worked as a paramedic in the field, in education and in emergency communications since 1978.  After directing a hospital-based paramedic service in Southern Oregon, in the1990s he moved to Idaho to work as the State EMS Training Coordinator for the Idaho State EMS Bureau.  He also worked in training and Q/A for a large emergency dispatch center.  For the past several years, David has traveled world-wide instructing emergency medical courses and evaluating EMS systems for accreditation.  It was during these trips that he was able to visit and photograph literally hundreds of cemeteries and thousands of graves for his research in history and symbolism.  He increased his knowledge of the topic through web-based and in-person classes and seminars and dozens of books and publications.  Several years ago, David developed "Carved in Stone," a presentation on the history and especially the symbolism found in cemeteries and on grave stones, using some of the thousands of photographs he has taken.  He has presented this class for 10 years through the Boise Community Education system, four times per year.  He has also presented at genealogy and history conferences, Spiritualist conferences and ghost conferences in many locations in the country, including Oregon, Utah, Minnesota and the Chicago area.  He gives historical tours of cemeteries in Boise, ID and at the Old Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise, and is a photographer for the International Paranormal Reporting Group, a paranormal investigation organization, and part of the TAPS family.  For the past two years, David has also worked for a local funeral home in Boise.