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James Tyson
SPEAKER: Elementals vs Demons

As a child James had been contacted by shadow figures and heard far off voices. These eventually dissipated as he grew up and only from the occasional encounters with full body apparitions. James has often described his dream state as a full-length motion picture that he could continue from night to night. He could escape nightmares from within the dream and control the outcomes. It had been his opinion that everyone could do this.  

From his time as a junior constable to an senior investigator of organized crime, James has had experiences he could not explain with the freshly dead as well as those who had been gone for some time. When interviewing a suspect, when given the time he found he connected deeply with the individual's life. He could place himself in the position of the suspect at that point in his or her life where the decision was made to commit the crime. This connection was felt by both he and the subject and lead their to opening up and freely expressing themselves. This more often lead to their recovery from drug dependency more than jail time. James had no idea how he could do this and could only teach it to a select few investigators.

In the fall of 2012 James was identified as an "Empath" by a psychic medium and in his study of this term he found the answers to his connections with clientele victims and offenders. He understood the images that he had experienced as a child and later as a policeman. 

As a paranormal investigator he was thinking he was the "skeptic" who would interview clients to assess their concerns. After his second investigation he could no longer be at all skeptical as he was present when photo evidence was obtained as well as having a conversation with a disembodied woman

James finds himself now on a mission to identify other Emapths, in the hopes that the understanding of themselves will open their minds to their potential. His proven methodology has helped numerous people discover themselves as James himself becomes more in tune with his spirit. In his position as host of a paranormal based internet radio show and now a PodCast, James has had the opportunity to interview experiencers of the supernatural and delve into their stories and theories. As such he has come away with his own twists on life, death and the universe.