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James Tyson
James Tyson was born and raised on Canada’s south west coast minutes from the American border. Growing up he played soccer, football, basketball and enjoyed being a part of a team. Described by some as been an extroverted-Introvert he was also involved in local theater. At the age of 18 James hosted his own cable television show called “Kaleidoscope”.  As he grew James did everything from shovel grain, sell women’s shoes to work on a survey crew.  It wasn’t until his friend took him on a ride-a-long in a police car that James found his true interest. James joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and for 28 years worked across Canada. During his career, James encountered the connection to his clientele that others wouldn’t. Perpetrators and victims alike found an empathetic ear and it became easy for James to relate to the reasons behind the crimes.  This connection to those suffering from mental health, drug addiction and victims of related crimes took a toll as did his management’s handling of his empathetic view on the offenders he encountered.  Thus, James developed PTSD and stepped away from policing in 2012.

It was now James met a friend from his childhood who owned a locale metaphysical shop.  James was invited to a dinner where several psychics would read the guests. Not ever considering psychics were legitimate, James went in skeptical. During the evening, he connected with one of the readers and made an appointment for a full reading.  It was during this reading that the psychic described to him what his challenges were at work and how each would turn out positively for him. She described his mother standing behind him and knew her name was “Lexa”.  From this point, James could not discount what the woman was telling him.  Near the end of the reading the psychic told James that he was an Empath and that he too could read for people.  She pointed out several events in his life that were of more a paranormal nature, from seeing the spirit of a child killed in a car accident to out of body experiences. As a Peace Officer, it was pointed out that he had in fact been guided out of situations which saved his life. The psychic also had James join a local Paranormal Group where he continued his contact with those spirits as he searched for more answers.  

Since then has James not only developed the ability to identify Empaths in person but also through photographs. He has seen and had two way conversations with spirits as well as can feel when they are close to him. James started off reading Oracle cards and has lately developed the ability to read people without the use of cards.

With an understanding that we are not alone James continues to ask questions of those who are experiencers of the paranormal though his internet radio show Spaced Out Weekend. He continues to be involved in paranormal investigations as another way to find answers surrounding who we are.

James speaks to groups about Policing as an Empath, Paranormal Investigations, Lucid Dreaming, Awakening as an Empath and more.