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James Tyson
SPEAKER: Empaths & Ghosts: Followers & Tagalongs

James Tyson had experienced ghosts from an early age. Over time this ability was blocked and he carried on living a life of a vivid dreamer. In 2012, he was led to an awakening through a psychic who explained he was an Empath. It was here he was assured that those "people" he had seen were in fact ghosts. From this point in his life, James has turned his curiosity of the spirit world into an explorer of the supernatural. James hosts paranormal based documentaries as well as the podcast, The Oracles with James Tyson.


SPEAKER TOPIC: Empaths & Ghosts: Followers & Tagalongs      
MAIN STAGE: Saturday, March 30th @ 10am

*We will discuss the common indicators of an Empath and their association to Star Children and Indigo's. *Empathic vs Empathy *Dangers of being an Empath both in working with spirits and your personal life. High vibration humans vs low vibration spirits (ghosts) *why ghosts are drawn to Empaths *how to protect yourself from bringing a ghost home with you *how to ask spirits to leave you alone during the night so you can sleep *shadow people. human ghosts and elemental beings and their relationship to Empaths. *Empaths and PTSD