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 Joe Teeples
SPEAKER: How did I Get Here? On    the Trail of a Paranormal Investigator

Joe Teeples began his secret identity as a UFO hunter in the 60’s when Michigan experienced a large number of UFO sightings and cattle mutilations. Stalking the swamps of the Great Lakes, he found links to Bigfoot, strange creatures, and other things that go bump in the night. Joining the Army, Joe downplayed his experiences until, as a sergeant, he was recognized for his ‘unique talents and skills’ and learned of The First Earth Battalion. Armed with a Top Secret clearance, he continued to explore the paranormal worldwide.

Joe is the former vice president of the largest ghost hunting group in Seattle and the co-author of Ghostology 101, which teaches ghost hunters how to conduct investigations. He also wrote Pacific Northwest Haunts, which details ghost sightings in the Pacific Northwest.