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June Lundgren 

June is a psychic, medium, demon seer, animal communicator, healer, nurse and international author. June descended from a long line of women with psychic and spiritual gifts. They are of Irish, English, Scottish and American Indian descent. She was raised by her grandparents for the first five years of her life, her grandmother also had psychic abilities As a young child June communicated with animals and angels while living in a secure home with her grandparents. At the age of six June was taken from her grandparents by her mother. From that time on everything changed, June was no longer encouraged to speak to the animals and her guardians. So, she had to learn to do everything telepathically without her mother’s knowledge.

As June grew older her psychic abilities grew stronger. She left home at the age of eighteen to enter the military, where she trained as a nurse. She spend five years in military service and during that time lost her grandmother and cousin who were two of the closest people to her.

June's grandmother Edith was a wonderful woman with many gifts. She had a strong Irish background and an open mind. June will always remember and cherish her words of advice: ‘always keep an open mind, question everything because there is more in this world and the next world than either you or I know.’ June has lived by that advice and it has led her to make many discoveries, not only about herself but her place in this world as well. Sadly, her grandmother left the physical world in 1979, but she is still remains her advisor.

In 1988 June died in a motorcycle accident and was clinically dead for 2 minutes as she lay in the street. It was her second death experience in this lifetime. The first was as a baby and she does not remember it. During her death in 1988 she ascended and was met by her grandparents who informed her that she was going to have a son in 2 years so she needed to go back. An angelic being named Michael, not the Archangel made her relieve all of the mortal lives she had ever lived until she reached her soul as it was before becoming mortal. He told her that her soul belonged to Auriel the Archangel. Coming back into her body she remembered everything about the experience but could not deal with the experience at first.

It took June several years to learn to come to terms with the experience and accept her as a part of herself. Over the years with Michael the Archangels tutoring she is able to bring her soul consciousness forward when dealing with demons. The negatives fear her which makes them easier to remove.

June lives on a small farm in Oregon City, Oregon with my son and husband for the last 29 years. June has been in nursing for over 39 years. She still works fulltime as a nurse and writes daily.

June spent the last 10 years writing about her experiences with the paranormal. During the last twenty years she has been removing demons on a regular basis. It is something she does not enjoy doing but it is what God has asked her to do, so she do it in his service. Some people would call it a curse, but she prefers to think of it as a blessing. Granted there are times when it can be a pain in the other end, but overall she would never change it for anything.