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Kristen Gray 

Kristen Gray is a Paranormal Investigator and Case Manager with White Light Paranormal Insight. Her journey into the world of the paranormal began as a small child. After having multiple experiences in a relative's "haunted" house, she was never able to find the answers to questions she had about what it was, nor did the adults in her life believe her experiences. It wasn't until many years later as an adult when she had an encounter in her own home that all of those feelings of not understanding came up again. In 2011, she was given the opportunity to join a paranormal investigative team, which lead to her current involvement with WLPI. 

Her only focus at that time was being able to "prove" the existence of the paranormal. Over the next 5 years, Kristen's focus dramatically changed to a more helping and healing focus for both client and Spirit. She is currently involved with her team, a volunteer with the Oregon Ghost Conference, leads monthly "Haunted History" tours at Kenton Station and is working with the Documentary "All Around Us."