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Mari Beckam
SPEAKER: Meet Your Spirit Guides

Mari Beckman is a medical intuitive, author and Reiki master/teacher. She works with en extensive team of light beings from all realms that includes Nikola Tesla and Nostradamus. Fully embodied and accessing the higher self, Mari Beckman is a psychic as well as a mental and trance medium. Mari uses the human energetic field to understand issues in the body, mind and spirit. She teaches classes on mediumship, embodiment, healing, spirit guides and more.









SPEAKER TOPIC: Meet Your Spirit Guides
MAIN STAGE: Friday, March 27th @ 5pm
Everyone has spirit guides, angels, and beings of light with them from birth, and all through our lives we enjoy the support of our "team of light." In this lecture, I will identify these spirit guides and the best ways in which to directly connect with them. Each of us has our own specific light vibration that matches a certain realm, and usually that realm will feel like "home" to us. Once learned, it's easy to "see" how people fit in with their spirit family. Each person in the audience will be able to detect their own spirit guide by feeling their vibration. Are you from the Meta realm? Are you galactic, celestial, elemental, or from a galaxy far, far away? Come to this lecture and find out!