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Marti Angeloni

SPEAKER: More Remote Viewing

CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Discovering Your Abilities   

CLASS INSTRUCTOR: How to Scry (Introduction)

Marti Angeloni is a writer, healer, and spiritual adviser. Her skills include connecting with the deceased, scrying, and remote viewing. She is also one of a select few who read the ancient Lenormand cards. Marti is a published author, ghostwriter, and award-winning screenwriter. She has worked internationally with law enforcement as a remote viewer for missing children's cases and is an active member of the International Remote Viewing Association.



SPEAKER TOPIC: More Remote Viewing
 MAIN STAGE: Sunday, March 29th @ Noon

Continued discussion of Remote Viewing, specifically the process used by the US Military during the Stargate Project in the 1990s. Active participation and demonstration of Remote Viewing will be part of the presentation. The scientific approach to remote viewing will be emphasized, encouraging experienced and non-psychics participation. This presentation is open to the curious and inexperienced viewer everywhere!