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Pete Orbea

Pete Orbea works for the historic town of Port Gamble, WA and leads the Port Gamble Ghost Walk Tours, Special Investigations and coordinates their annual Port Gamble Ghost Conference. Pete has been interested in the paranormal since the age of 7after witnessing Native American apparitions in Northern Arizona. After moving to historic Port Gamble, WA, Pete started to meet many people who research the paranormal and suddenly felt right at home. Once Pete started leading the Ghost Walk Tours and spending a lot of time in the active buildings of Port Gamble, he started to realize he was able to communicate with spirits. After attending the Oregon Ghost Conference in 2014, and getting a psychic reading from Seth Michael of White Light Paranormal Insights, his life was changed forever after discovering a new path in life helping others through psychic abilities. Pete is proud to be a part of the Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society and Paranormal Research & Investigations (PRI).



 Port Gamble Paranormal