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Pete Orbea
SPEAKER: Three Famous Paranormal Experiments:  (Leslie Flint Recordings, Philip Experiment & Scole Experiment)

Pete Orbea works in the historic town of Port Gamble. He leads ghost walks and special investigations and coordinates the Port Gamble Ghost Conference. This has provided the opportunity to develop his skills for communicating with spirits and investigating the paranormal.

Pete became interested in the paranormal when he was 7 after witnessing two Native American warriors appear and vanish while on a road trip in northern Arizona. His interest piqued again during college while working at the Egyptian Theater in Boise, ID, a hotspot for paranormal activity.

While living in Port Gamble and getting to know others with similar interests, Pete felt at home in the haunted historic town. After joining the Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society in 2013, he started to realize that he could speak with spirits.

Pete attended the 2014 Oregon Ghost Conference in Oregon City, OR and had some amazing experiences including a psychic reading from Seth Michael. That reading changed his life.

He's also very proud to be a member of the Extended Research Team of PRI (Paranormal Research & Investigations) as a Researcher/Investigator. Currently, Pete helps people through psychic readings and investigations in Kitsap County.



SPEAKER TOPIC: Three Famous Paranormal Experiments:  (Leslie Flint Recordings, Philip Experiment & Scole Experiment)
MAIN STAGE: Saturday, March 30th @ 4:00pm

Hear about three experiments that helped shape the public perception of the paranormal and 
the effect on paranormal research today. From the intriguing recordings of medium Leslie Flint 
in the 1950’s & 1960’s, the Philip Experiment of 1972, to the Scole Experiment from 1993-1998, 
discover the findings and experiment impact. Are the findings still relevant in paranormal 
research today?