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Ross Allison 

Paranormal investigator, author, media host, lecturer, teacher, tour guide and the Pacific Northwest’s only full-time Ghost Hunter.

Ross is the President and Founder of A.G.H.O.S.T. (Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma). With close to 30 years of investigating the paranormal and over 16 years running a non-profit ghost hunting group, Ross travels internationally to investigate paranormal activity, collect ghost stories, research cemeteries and teach others about the strange things going on all around us.

Ross has been lecturing for Power Performers since 2004 and has spoken to thousands of students at hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the U.S. on his ghost hunting adventures and teaches a class based on his book, “Ghostology 101 – Becoming a Ghost Hunter” at the University of Washington and Tacoma Community College. His lectures have also taken him to such faraway locations as London, Canada and Scotland.

Through his travels he has had opportunities to work with some of the biggest names in the field, such as Jason & Grant of “Ghost Hunters” fame. He has also investigated some of the scariest and most haunted sites known to man, including the Stanley Hotel, Eastern State Prison, the Amityville House, Alcatraz Prison, Roman Catacombs, the Ancient Rams Inn and even the original location of “The Exorcist Case,” where he captured some of the scariest phenomena ever encountered.

Ross is also the author of Ghostology 101, Spooked in Seattle, Tacoma’s Haunted History, My Haunted Journal, Hunted Historic Hotels, Psychology for the Ghost Hunter, Ghosts on Campus and Haunted Toys.

He’s appeared on a number of radio programs, in magazines, books, news coverage and television shows, including The Learning Channel’s America’s Ghost Hunters, The Tonight Show, MTV, CMT, CNN, A&E, the Discovery Channel, ABC’s Scariest Places on Earth, Sci-Fi’s Ghost Hunters, Nightline, and two episodes of the Travel Channel’s “Most Terrifying Places in America.”

You may also find Ross wandering the streets of Seattle where he hosts the Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours that takes guests to various haunted spots throughout the Seattle area.