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Sharon "AurorA" Lewis
CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Empower Yourself Series: Heart-Space
CLASS INSTRUCTOR: How to Naturally Connect & Communicate with Spirits
ENTERTAINER: Gallery Reading

AurorA is a Psychic Medium, Channel and Energy Healer. An intuitive at birth, she started remote viewing at age 11 and channeling at age 15. As an adult, AurorA honed her mediumistic, psychic, channeling and healing abilities and began doing private readings and healing sessions.

In 2013 and 2014, she worked as a reader/healer out of New Renaissance Bookstore in NW Portland. She is part of the leadership, and does readings for a Metaphysical Fair held monthly in the Portland area, and is a medium with the paranormal team White Light Paranormal Insight.

As an energy healer, AurorA is a level II in Reiki and Theta Healing, and uses elements of Quantum Touch and Matrix Energetics. She then created her own healing modality called Transcendental Transformation.

In 2013, she founded a team of channels who channel a collective of light beings called "The Panel," to bring positive messages to humanity regarding raising vibration, shifting human consciousness, all in line with the newer human consciousness levels.

AurorA also makes handmade, positive energy infused, gemstone jewelry.