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The Séance with Paranormal Investigation (2hr)
Hosts: Yitzhak Schlomi & Jamin Merril (Change: Aaron Collins is unable to attend)
Saturday, March 25th, 2023 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Event Description:

A mystically-based Victorian-like séance at the OGC lead by Jewish mystic Yitzhak Schlomi. Using techniques of Jewish mysticism, Yitzhak leads the participants to interactively work together in a serious attempt to contact the spirits that linger around Seaside. Please come with an open mind; prior experience in meditation is not necessary, but useful.

We will not be trying to contact your dead relatives, so please don't ask.

If you have a moral objection to communicating with spirits of the dead, please do not sign up for this event. Practising Jewish mystic Yitzhak Schlomi interactively leads the participants through the theory and terminology of Jewish mysticism as it relates to interacting with spirits, particularly spirits of the dead. Using the Hitbonenut, an ancient form of Jewish meditation, we will elevate your Nefesh (an aspect of your own living spirit), increasing your perception to spirits of the dead that linger around Seaside and beyond.

We may try calling certain spirits we contacted in previous séances at OGC. This séance expects a high degree of group participation and interaction. Since we will be attempting to contact the spirits in this particular event, we expect there to be spirit activity. Because of this, Yitzhak has asked Jamin Merril to, very discretely, set up equipment to capture the spirit activity.

*Please be advised that you will be recorded on video during this event. You will be asked to sign a waiver allowing us to record the event. If you are not comfortable with being recorded, please do not sign up for this event. For those who do participate, this is an amazing opportunity to not only communicate with spirits of the dead, but also to be the centre of a paranormal investigation.















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The Séance with Paranormal Investigation  
General Admission Ticket: $25.00