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Tobe A. Johnson
SPEAKER: The Owl Moon Lab
CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Portal Interaction & Evidence Collection

Tobe A. Johnson was raised in the PNW and learned early on that the woods surrounding his childhood home were mysterious playgrounds not only for himself, but for what he calls The Others. Over time, Tobe would go on to not only seek out locations where The Others “crossed through” more readily, but would end up living, learning and respecting what some would call impossible. Now with his own podcast Strange Bräu Radio and a book on the way, The Owl Moon Lab-site 1-, Tobe is seeking even more evidence that certain geological sites are prone for a wide diversity of anomalous phenomena.






MAIN STAGE: Sunday, March 29th @ 11am

For the past 15 years I have been journaling the link between Sasquatch and the connective tissue of the paranormal, ghost, ufo’s, portals and sacred geological hot zones. The Owl Moon Lab is one of these places and for over 2 years I have documented physical, audio, video, photographic evidence. Beyond this we have witness testimony, including friend and fellow colleague William Becker who visited the location and can speak to the area’s anomalies.