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Tomasz Kordowski

Tomasz Kordowski's interest in the paranormal began with a William Fuld Ouija Board at age 13. By age 16, mausoleum exploration and experiments with electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings became a commonplace after school activity. Communication in the following years with the other side via energy circles, Ouija boards, or EVP capture would yield disembodied footsteps, voices, and on one occasion, a counter-clockwise creak that circled the top perimeter of the room he was in, signaling a spirit's departure.

A certified audio engineer, Tomasz joined the Portland Oregon Paranormal Society (P.O.P.S.) in 2009, and was quick to put his audio engineering training to use as Lead EVP Analyst. On investigations, Tomasz typically utilizes a multi-track recording system to capture sounds throughout several rooms at once, allowing for comprehensive analysis of the same audio event from different sections of the establishment. Then later, for entertainment, he would find solace in listening to hours of static in a vein attempt to find evidence of someone that isn't really there, editing, and polishing audio slices. He has captured EVPs from many residential locations and commercial establishments, such as downtown Portland's former U.S. Customs House, the Benson Hotel, and the Hollywood Theater. He was acting director of P.O.P.S. throughout 2014.

Tomasz is a freelance EVP Specialist, Graphic Designer, Artist and comedy/improv musician in Portland, Oregon.