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Tracee Gorman
CO-SPEAKER: Seeing Beyond the Veil with Paranormal Photography

Tracee Gorman has been deliberately taking orb photos since mid 2017. An openminded skeptic when it comes to the paranormal, she started getting unusual energies and orbs in her photos. She then did extensive research on the subject and started taking photos in her yard at night. Eight cameras later, she now has a collection of hundreds of thousands of orb, energy, and plasma photos.








SPEAKER TOPIC: Seeing Beyond the Veil with Paranormal Photography
MAIN STAGE: Saturday, March 28th @ 11am
Orbs and other anomalies have been showing up in photos with more frequency since the invention of the digital camera. Are these souls of departed loved ones, extraterrestrials, angels or high frequency energies? This question, and many others, will be explored. Join us for a night of extraordinary visuals, information and education on how to capture high frequency energies invisible to the naked eye.