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“Into The Parabnormal” is a live radio program syndicated by USA Audio Network heard on terrestrial stations nationwide Sunday-Thursday at 9pm PT / 10pm MT / 11pm CT / 12am ET. Our podcasts are streamed on digital networks and streaming apps.

Jeremy Scott, a radio professional of more than 20 years, and his guests investigate everything between abnormal and paranormal.

We entertain those fringe topics that are somewhere between abnormal and paranormal, diving deep into subjects that are very often ahead of their times and censored or even banned from the mainstream.

Our anchor short-form program, “Parabnormal News”, features veteran radio news anchor George Henry reporting on the stories that are off the beaten path heard exclusively every hour.

Thanks to your support, we’re ranked the #1 podcast and third most-popular streaming show on TalkStreamLive’s Paranormal Radio App for 2022. For two straight years, we’re ranked the 19th most-listened to talk show in 2021 and 2022 on the Power 50 list.

LIVE RADIO SHOW: Saturday, March 25th, 4-6pm 
(Seaside Civic & Convention Center- LOBBY)
4:06-4:20pm    Aine Sullivan
4:24-4:29pm    Jeremy Scott
4:35-4:58pm    Sarah Lemos
5:06-5:20pm    Darrin Scholl
5:24-5:29pm    Jeremy Scott
5:35-5:50pm    June Antoinette Nixon
5:53-5:58pm    Tristan Star (Shaka Brah Games)
LIVE RADIO SHOW: Sunday, March 26th, 2-4pm 
(Seaside Civic & Convention Center- MAIN STAGE, Pacific Room)
2:06-2:29pm    Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz
2:35-2:58pm    James Nelson
3:06-3:20pm    Holly Marie Cook
3:24-3:50pm    Kevin, Lenval & Sarah
3:53-3:58pm    Rocky Smith