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2024 Oregon Ghost Conference Vendors
    As Above  
    Aura About You  
    Author Ann Ornie  
    Bend Ghost Tours  
    Big River Paranormal
    Black Moon Gems / Black Ghost Tactical  
    Blue June Outfitters  
    Brittyn's Creations  
    Broken Wing Spiritual Counseling  
    Cat Over Clock  
    ColdWar Industries  
    Crows of Fate Psychic Service  
    Cryptids Near Me  
    Crystal Seed Tarot  
    DBK Investigations  
    Darkmoon Faire  
    Dead Rabbit Radio  
    Debris Artist  
    Demon Seer / Mystic Connections  
    Eclectic Witchery (Witches Garden)  
    Enchanted Cottage Creations  
    Eva Constructive  
    Forest Fox Magic  
    Fright Life Paranormal  
    Ghoul Gallery  
    Ghost Warriors  
    Guardian Angel Paranormal Society  
    Harrison Webb Art  
    Haunted Oregon City  
    Healing Hands by Luis  
    Hellebore & Lace  
    Herb's Daughter Custom Soaps & Botanicals  
    Horner's Haunted Corner  
    Hustle & Sew  
    I Talk to Ghosts  
    Li'l Wolf Tarot  
    Little BlackBird Art  
    Luno Solaraz  
    Medium Chelsea Renee  
    Nightmares on Baby Street  
    Norseman Ventures  
    Northwest Ghost Tours  
    Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace  
    Pagan Fyre  
    PAINTDEAD: Artwork by Jacqueline Gallagher   
    Phenom West   
    PNW Life  
    PNW Ultra 3D Printing & Hobbies  
    Pop Octopus  
    Port Gamble Paranormal  
    Portland Oregon Paranormal  
    Psychic Medium CHERI  
    Psychic Medium Joshua-John  
    Resonance Healing  
    Retro Luxe Vintage  
    Rockin Creations  
    Sandy Rea Jewelry  
    Secret Cupboard Creations  
    Seer's Hollow  
    Serenity Witch  
    SHOOK Paranormal Podcast  
    Silvermoon Medicyn New Age Botanica  
    Sinister Coffee and Creamery  
    Stuff Duck Company - ODD FOLKS  
    St. Ignatius Hospital Ghost Tours  
    T & T Creations  
    The Ruttilias Den, LLC  
    The Skeleton Key Odditorium  
    The Star Frog  
    The UFO Detective  
    Underland Press  
    Weird Darkness  
    Western Washington Investigators of Paranormal Science  
    Who Would Want That  
    Wicked Works  
    Witches Resistance  
    2 Cool Creations Jewelry